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Created on 2011-12-22 01:12:06 (#1175673), last updated 2011-12-22 (303 weeks ago)

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Birthdate:Dec 3

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24, alan rickman, alexander skarsgÄrd, alexandre dumas, anime, art, aston martin, band of brothers, batman, bbc, benedict cumberbatch, bentley, bishouen, blue bloods, books, boondock saints, brittish thrillers, bundesliga, cars, champions league, charles/erik, clint eastwood, comics, crime shows, criminal minds, cross-country skiing, csi, damien lewis, davis cup, deadwood, dexter, doctor who, documentaries, elvis, family, fanfiction, fantasy, fast cars, firefly, fischer/la cour, flying, football, freddie ljungberg, freedom, friends, gary sinise, gay rights, generation kill, gintama, gregory peck, grey's anatomy, hawaii five-0, hellsing, history, horatio hornblower, hotel rwanda, house m.d., hummer h1, iker casillas, inception, inspector lynley mysteries, james mcavoy, john barrowman, johnny cash, johnny depp, la liga, law, law and order, law and order:uk, life, life on mars, lonesome dove: toy, lord of the rings, lost, mads mikkelsen, manga, marcus hellner, marvel comics, meine liebe, michael fassbender, michael moore, michael phelps, mississippi burning, movies, music, mythology, nationalmannschaft, ncis, numb3rs, nypd blue, olympics, once a thief, party, philipp lahm, philosophy, poetry, politics, premier league, prison break, psychology, real madrid, rejseholdet, robert redford, romance, rome, rps, rymon, saiyuki, science fiction, seki toshihiko, sherlock, shopping, shounen ai, six feet under, slash, space, sports, star trek, star wars, stargate, supernatural, swimming, tennis, the flying doctors, the macahans, tim burton, tintin, top gear, torchwood, travel, true blood, v for vendetta, van der sar, west wing, wire in the blood, without a trace, world cup, x files, x men, x-files, xxxholic, yaoi
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